Vultù – Basilicata Sparkling Red

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Vultù – Basilicata Sparkling Red


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Characteristics: brilliant ruby ​​red color with a fine perlage and persistent fragrance characterized by delicate floral and fruity notes with a predominance of cherry, moderately sweet taste, balanced with abundant fruity notes and a pleasant sensation of freshness thanks to the final rightly acid.

Production Zone: High hill in the municipality of Ripacandida, and fresh volcanic soils and clay directly on the slopes of Mount Vulture related agro municipalities Rionero in Vulture, Barile, and Melfi (PZ)

Altitude of the vineyards: 500-650 m above sea level

Planting density: 5,000 vines / ha

Training system: Guyot pruning system with controspalliere

Yield ( / ha.): From 70 to 80 q / ha

Harvest: Manual harvest in crates, respecting the integrity of the cluster;period 1st week of November

Vinification: Soft pressing of the grapes, maceration at controlled temperature of the mash in small stainless steel tanks, filtration and pressing spumantificazione at 15 ° C. Charmat method in autoclaves of 50 hl

Shelf Life: Product does not grow old and be consumed within 18 months after bottling
Serving suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif to drink especially in the summer, both in combination with traditional pastries Mediterranean Christmas and Easter dry, such as calzoncelli chestnuts and mostacciuoli.

Serving temperature: very cool between 8 ° and 10 ° C

Number of bottles produced: 10,000

Enological parameters:

% Alcohol / vol: 8.20 °
residual sugar g / l: 69.0
total acidity g / l: 6.00
volatile acidity g / l: 0.55
pH: 3.45
Free SO2 mg / l: 21
Total SO2 mg / l: 110
Net dry extract g / l: 25.0