When it comes to fine authentic Italian ingredients and recipe there is only so much that could be put into words; some things need to be tried/experienced first hand to really understand how delicious it truly is, life-changing. 

Tim Kenson

This place WINS.  Someone at work recommended ZottaDeli to me, so I went in and was pleasantly surprised by the great selection of subs, salads, etc.  I tried the Basic Italian, because I’m not really familiar with the names of the different types of deli meats, and it was delicious.  Can’t wait to come back and try other things!  Keep up the good work.

Lisa Whistler

We have found the quality of the wine and food excellent and we use ZottaDeli for all our functions. Their personal service and pride in treating their customers just like a family member is hard to find these days. Thank you.

Mr. Steven Hodgkiss